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The Clear solution for Dysphagia  
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Resource® ThickenUp® Clear is xanthan gum based, easy to prepare     
instant food and beverage thickener for individuals with dysphagia. 
It mixes easily into hot or cold beverages, producing clear, lump free, stable products that do not change consistency over time.   

  • No starch!  Thickens with xanthan gum powder
  • Odorless, tasteless, lump-free and amylase resistant
  • Easy to prepare – dissolves instantly
  • Consistency stays stable over time

To prepare ThickenUp Clear, follow these easy steps:

To Order in Canada:  Call 1-800-672-3879 or Buy Online       We deliver to your door!

 ThickenUp Clear is zero-rated for GST.
Prices do not include shipping.

This product is suitable for children above 3 years of age.
(# of 4 oz servings)
(# of 4 oz servings)
Individual Packets
Box of 24 x 1.4g sticks
(Item Code:  TUS)

24 servings

1 stick/serving 

 12 servings

2 sticks/serving 

per Box

per Case of 12 boxes

125g tins
(Item Code:  TUT)

90 servings

1 x 1.4g scoop/serving 
 45 servings

2 x 1.4g scoops/serving

per Tin

per Case of 12 Tins

Bulk Tins
5 kg tins
(Item Code:  TUB)

3,570 servings

1 x 1.4g scoop/serving 

 1,785 servings

2 x 1.4g scoops/serving

per Tin

Nutritional Information

(per 1.4g or 5 ml serving)

 Energy  4 Kcal
 Protein  0 g
 Carbohydrate  1 g
 Sodium  15 mg
 Potassium  5 mg


Corn and potato
xanthan gum,
potassium chloride

Storage & Shelf Life

Store unopened in a cool dry place.  Once opened consume within 2 months