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... food service solutions 
for facility and home care

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Kinder Products offers food service supplies,
dietary equipment and home health care products
for use in health care facilities and to assist with care at home.


ErgoGrip ergonomic dinnerware and lids for complete meal delivery systems. 

Insulated Dinnerware

Classic Melamine Dishes

Spillproof Cups

Disposable/Reusable Lids

Equipment & Carts

dinnerware, food service tray, plastic cups, plastic lids

Revolutionary beverage thickeners for people with swallowing problems:

simplythick, simply thick, aquacare, dysphagia treatment

Easy Mix 
Thickening Gel

thickenup, nestle, thickenup clear, thickener, powder thickener

Powder Thickener

Now in Canada!

Effective collagen protein supplements and easy fiber solutions for optimal health and wound healing. 

FiberCel soluble fiber supplement

Fiber Powder

hospital food service equipment, food warmer, cart

Wound Healing


LiquaCel, protein, Canada, liquid protein
Liquid Protein